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Privacy & Terms of Use


Terms of Use

The entire content of (including logo, graphics and pictures) is the exclusive property of the company Prague Fertility Centre s.r.o., except pictures uploaded by an app’s users.The pictures uploaded by the app’s users are used in the app on basis of its owners’ consent. Any copying, dissemination or other unauthorized use (without the company’s explicit consent) of any's part is prohibited. However, dissemination of links to the content of is allowed.

Use of any technical means (including so called web-scrapping) to download, or extract the pictures, videos or any other content from is prohibited.

The use of under the mentioned conditions is free of charge.

The provider of is entitled to change the content of the app, some its functions or stop the service to do maintenance of the app or to improve offered services.

Neither the provider nor the owner of's content is responsible for consequences or decisions made on the basis of's data.

Evaluation of embryos by the app has merely recommending character. Neither the provider nor the owner of's content is responsible for choosing an embryo for transfer. None of them is responsible for the result of implantation of the embryo chosen by the app.

Neither the provider nor the owner of's content is responsible for content uploaded by the app’s users. The users are  bound to upload content only in case that they are authorized by the owner of the content to use it this way.

The user hereby declares that the content, he is uploading, is his exclusive property and the client has consented with use of the picture in that way. The user hereby gives consent to use the uploaded content for scientific purposes by the's provider and to publish it.

Privacy Policy

Controller of the Personal Data

Gratyon CZ s.r.o., IČO: 073 75 565, with the registered office at Sokolovská 81/55, Karlín, 186 00 Prague 8, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague under sp. C 299990 as Administrator. You can contact it at:

The Personal Data Processed

We use your following information:

Your personal data is processed in cooperation with third parties. We use the services as a customer, to be able to send you personalized offers and advertisement and also to communicate with you. Your personal data is processed by these companies in compliance with their terms of use & privacy policies. They can be found on the link below:

Purposes of Personal Data Processing

We use your Information for the following purposes:

To take steps prior to entry into a contract:

Where this is necessary for purposes which are in our, or third parties', legitimate interests. These interests are:

Where you give us consent:

For purposes which are required by law; in response to requests by government or law enforcement authorities conducting an investigation


In order to comply with § 89 of the law no. 127/2005 Sb. relating to electronic communications according to the Czech legal code We inform you that this website is using cookies. Cookies are short text files which are sent by the website to the browser and consequently saved on the device of the user.

Safety Measures

We use cookies to verify and authorize users, to prevent fraudulent behaviour with respect to registration and sign-in. We also use cookies to prevent personal data exploitation by unauthorised third party.

Analyzing Website Visits

We use Google Analytics provided by Google Inc. and the Smartlook service provided by, s.r.o. to measure traffic, generate statistics and analyse traffic to our site. These services store anonymous cookies every time you visit the site. The services create anonymized statistics and traffic reports to help us monitor how visitors use the site, what they prefer and what they are interested in. Cookies are processed by the processors in accordance with their terms, which can be found at the links below:

Advertisement and Marketing

Our website uses cookies of advertisement services of Google Inc., Facebook Inc. and SEZNAM.CZ, a.s. (Sklik) in order to track the performance of advertisement and marketing campaigns that are run within these services. Our company is using the services as a customer, to display ads including retargeting to secure targeted offers on the websites of the third party. Cookies files are processed by the processor in compliance with their terms of use & privacy policies. They can be found on the link below: