Evaluate embryos consistently.
Make clear decisions.
Be a better embryologist.
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The Biggest Time‑Lapse Embryo Images Collection

Browse thousands of time‑lapse embryo images that are consistently evaluated by CATI and carefully reviewed by a team of senior embryologists.


Automated Time‑Lapse Embryo Evaluation

Coming soon

Let CATI make consistent embryo evaluation decisions for you.

Upload your time‑lapse embryo images and patient data into CATI.
Your embryo is immediately and automatically evaluated by CATI.

Day‑Five Embryos Grading System

Support your decision-making process with standardized embryo grading.

Future decision-making standard for embryologists that will allow them to select viable embryos consistently
Based on rules approved by senior embryologists
Continuous improvements

Your Own Morphokinetics Annotations

Coming soon

Annotate time‑lapse embryos with your own morphokinetics and share your observations with embryo community.

Upload time‑lapse embryo images
Enter morphokinetic variables on the timeline
Share your observations with others
Analyze correlations between annotations