Getting Started

What Is CATI


CATI is the only tool that enables you to approach embryo time‑lapse grading and embryo education in an objective and consistent manner. By putting together artificial intelligence and senior embryologists we are breaking embryology routine with new observations, rules, and automation.

Key Features

Coming Soon Features

  • Automated time‑lapse embryos evaluation will let you upload your time‑lapse embryos images and let artificial intelligence make consistent decisions for you.
  • Annotator will let you annotate time‑lapse embryo images with your notes on morphokinetics and share your observations with the embryology community.

Our Mission

At CATI, we believe that routine is the enemy of clinical embryologists. Our mission is to return embryology back to the embryologists and, therefore, we created CATI that allows us to collect, analyze and correlate the data using artificial intelligence. CATI helps us standardize embryo clustering and grading to achieve higher success rates, escape routine and understand the embryo development as a whole.

Subscription and Plans

CATI can help anyone who works in the assisted reproduction technology business. CATI is currently free of charge and it will remain free “until further notice”. Enjoy your free subscription!


Want to learn more? Our Learning Center contains lots of detailed articles to help you learn about CATI and its features. Please do not hesitate to contact us and share your ideas with us.