Using CATI

Embryo Library Workspace


Embryo Library workspace lets you quickly observe any time‑lapse embryo and its morphokinetic markers . Within this workspace, you may also filter embryos by stages and grades. You can also compare two different time‑lapse embryo images side-by-side.

Library Working Area

Embryo Library Workspace
FIGURE 01: Embryo Library Workspace Overview. (1) Grading filter | (2) List panel | (3) Time‑Lapse quick preview | (4) Time‑Lapse embryo view

Workspace Overview

  • The Embryo grading filter allows you to filter time‑lapse embryo images in List view by choosing either the blastocyst stage or a specific grade.
  • The List panel contains time‑lapse embryo thumbnails grouped by a given grade. By default, all embryos are displayed. When the filter is on, the List view displays embryos which match your grading criteria.
  • The Time‑Lapse quick preview allows you to visually recognize and organize time‑lapse embryo images. The quick preview contains a time‑lapse thumbnail and the quick graphs panel. The thumbnail displays the last image of a time‑lapse sequence. The quick graphs panel displays the activity graph and the segmentation graph.
  • Time‑Lapse Embryo view organizes and controls an embryo's morphokinetic markers over time, in frames. Click on Time‑Lapse quick preview to open the view panel.

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